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The CARES Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides grants to organizations in the greater Sacramento area that serve the needs of people with HIV/AIDS, aid in the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission or raise social awareness to end discrimination and stigma.

These grants may include funds for general support or for specific projects/programs, including those dedicated to HIV education and research.
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The CARES Foundation Committment to the Community

The CARES Foundation is committed to improving the health of the Sacramento region by supporting the work of organizations to prevent the spread of HIV and treat those living with HIV/AIDS. While the Foundation values innovation, our focus for grant-making is on organizations that are stable and well-managed, and have a demonstrated ability to impact HIV. Equal consideration is given to grant requests that address either prevention or care. Unlike other chronic diseases, HIV is unique in the need to not only care for the patient, but to do everything possible to prevent transmission to others. Finding those infected with HIV means that testing also is a prime concern for the Foundation.  

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Grantee Spotlight: Harm Reduction Services (HRS) 

The Safe Points Syringe Exchange Project served over 4,000 individuals through 11,507 contacts and provided 700,000 syringes to injection drug users in the greater Sacramento area, while locating 12 new outreach sites. HRS collected over 138,706 used syringes (19.8% of those distributed) and 100% of used collected syringes were disposed of through Medi-Waste. Additionally, 85% of syringe exchange clients were referred to other service providers to meet needs such as healthcare, housing and substance abuse treatment.
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